At a glance

Bohemia Müller Group was founded in 2019 with the aim of deepening our activities in the field of investment construction in industry, transport and energy and thus be able to offer our customers comprehensive services at the highest level. Bohemia Müller Group was built on the foundations of the Bohemia Müller company, whose history dates back to 1997.

Scope of activities of Bohemia Müller Group:

  • Engineering and Design for Electro Equipment at all voltage levels, control systems and I&C
  • Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Electro Equipment at all voltage levels
  • Automation of technological processes
  • Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Control Systems, including application SW and I&C components
  • Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems and Gas Detection Systems
  • Maintenance and Repairs of Electro Equipment at all voltage levels, control systems and I&C
  • Comprehensive diagnostics and other services
    • Quality in Bohemia Müller Group

      • Customers needs are anticipated and addressed
      • Quality management & strict application of working procedures
      • Initiatives and sense of responsibility of our collaborators are encouraged
      • Employees expertise level is constantly maintained and raised through

      Environment, Health & Safety

      • Efficient system to manage Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) issues
      • Protect people against professional accidents and diseases

      Human Resources

      • Highly qualified and motivated employees are our greatest asset
      • Stimulating and creative work environment

      Customer care

      • Strong customer focus
      • Qualified and trained technical staff on site to assist quickly and efficiently our customers
      • Strong customer support during all projects phases and equipment service life
      • Long field experience and profound technical expertise to propose the most valuable technical solutions

      Bohemia Müller Group has an established system of quality management, safety and health protection at work and the environment protection, in all its entities and processes of the group. The system is regularly audited.
      Bohemia Müller Group issued a code of conduct

Bohemia Müller Group is active in energy sector, railways infrastructure, automotive, chemical industry, gas industry, water industry and mining industry.

The main companies belonging to Bohemia Müller Group are:

Whistleblower protection (Whistleblowing)

The Bohemia Müller Group, consisting of the companies Bohemia Müller Group s.r.o., Bohemia Müller s.r.o., Bohemia Controls s.r.o. and EMCOS s.r.o., operates a common system for reporting violations or threats of violations, called Whistleblower Protection – Whistleblowing.

The system is operated in cooperation with an external law firm, it meets the legislative requirements for anonymity and is fully independent of the influence of the management of all companies.

Access to the internal notification system can be found under the link whistleblower protection