8. 9. 2021

The company is launching a new website.

1. 8. 2021

The contract “Modernization of the central control room TR1”, which we have been implementing for the company Severočeské doly, a.s. since April 2020, is approaching its completion. It is an integrated modernization of the power control centre, including the power control system, compensation control and modification of the terminal power equipment.

1. 7. 2021

The company Bohemia Müller s.r.o. has won the tender for the contract “Construction of two new electricity substations for the power supply of the trolleybus line”. The client is Dopravní podnik města Pardubic a.s. (the Transport Company of the city of Pardubice a.s.). This is a turnkey implementation contract with the planned completion date of February 2022.

1. 6. 2021

Our company has successfully completed the implementation of the contract “Modernization of the long-distance conveyor belt transport system, 1200 mm wide”. It is a complete reconstruction of the driving stations of the belt conveyors operated by the company Vršanská uhelná, a.s. The contract was implemented in an extremely short time interval of one month.

1. 5. 2021

In the automotive industry, we have been awarded a contract called “Upgrade of the MicroSCADA control system” with our established customer, Škoda Auto, a.s. The contract implementation concerns setting of the current version of this power system in one of the extensive applications in the Czech Republic.

1. 1. 2021

We participate in the implementation of the ecologization of the K06 boiler unit in the Komořany heating plant, owned by the company United Energy, a.s. The boiler originally designed for coal combustion will be technologically modernized so that it will be possible to burn wood chips in it.

31. 1. 2019

As part of the restructuring of group management, Bohemia Controls has been expanded to include the Věšín division as of February 1, 2019. This is the transfer of the automation department from Bohemia Müller sro The employees of this division meet all generally required qualifications, most of whom have experience working , for example in Turkey, Egypt, Russia, Mongolia, Yemen and Cuba. The division is equipped with modern technical means, including all necessary work aids, test equipment and measuring equipment. The employees of the division have a technical background in the Věšín locality.

24. 10. 2018

Bohemia Controls, a subsidiary of the Bohemia Müller Group, has established a website.